Saturday, August 30, 2003

adelic penguins

Sometimes, at the cusp of midmorning and noon on a lazy Saturday, it's nice to play some music you have in your collection but do not listen to frequently, either because it is the equivalent of a B-side or because just wasn't popularized by the artist you like.

Today, in my case, it was a string of compositions by Ryuichi Sakamoto from his Beauty and Discord albums (yes, I was listening to so-called world music before it was co-opted as "cool").

It's like reading less celebrated works of an author.

There are familiar enough tropes, distinctive enough as signatures to tell you that this music is uniquely the composer's. And there is also the small delight of hearing melodies or percussions that suddenly sing to you.

Almost like discovery, like seeing something new in someone you've loved for many years.

I think we all need to listen more, especially to familiar voices - they may something new to say.


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