Tuesday, August 26, 2003

...and a stick of butter

When I got home, I told Sage that she had to go to the mall next door and get the following things: deodorant for me, diapers for her, 5 boxes of the ready-to-drink coffee we both like, 12 packs of juice for her and a box of assorted doughnuts.

As I itemized each item, I counted it on my fingers, ending with five.

She put on her serious face and furrowed her brow (as she has learned to do, mainly to elicit gales of laughter from her mother and me), and raised her own hand, echoing five.

Then, in her matching pink leotards and sandals, she proceeded to move towards the door, Diovine in tow.

An hour later, they returned with all the stuff and she nibbled at choco frosted doughnut I picked out of the baker's dozen she brought back.

Next, I'll be asking her to do some client calls.


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