Sunday, August 31, 2003

hinirang plug

From 'Off Hours' section of PCWorld (Phils) Sept
Pinoy Comics Online
By Ria Elainne C. Mendoza

"The Land of Hinirang

If you want a whole alternate land during a specific time in our history, hop over to, where comic book luminaries Nikki and Francis Dean Alfar (Kestrel Studios,, Jason Banico (Dynatica Comics,, Carl Vergara (Carver House,, Marco Dimaano (Angel Ace,, Arnold Arre (Tala Studios, and Vincent Michael Simbulan (producer of Isaw At Iba Pa under Quest Ventures and manager of Comic Quest), have gathered. Here they offer readers a host of stories, essays, and Web comics about this enchanted land where higantes and tiq'barangs are but normal. You will meet characters like the demonica puta whose name is Immacolata (art and story by Marco Dimaano) and the nameless lady and her mystical sea creature in Asin (written by Nikki Alfar).

What’s great about this site is, it will link you to the respective pages of all these comic book big shots. For instance, you can go to the site of two-time National Book Awardee Arnold Arre (for The Mythology Class and Trip to Tagaytay) and take a peek at his latest graphic novel After Eden (Arnold was also the illustrator and designer for the 5th Philippine Web Awards, You can visit where Carl Vergara's Ang Kagila-gilalas na Pakikipagsapalaran ni ZsaZsa Zaturnnah is featured. "


Well, it's flattering to be called a comic book luminary, but really...

And poor misunderstood Imma - to be called a "demonica puta" (demonic whore) ala Ispancialo...

Now I need to post a few more stories in Hinirang.

Hmmm. Wait until you see our next joint effort.


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