Sunday, September 28, 2003

lost days

For some reason, Blogger refused to cooperate and I was denied my usual blah blah.

And, of course, many things happened for the course of several days.

bird business

Business-wise, things look positive, and though I wouldn't go as far as to trust projections (I'm ultra-conservative that way), I cannot deny the possibility that everything can go as envisioned. It's also been a busy week, with me running around despite my cold and fever (thank goodness for the oasis that is Vin). Tomorrow begins an even busier week, with the three-day shoot for the telco, the creation of materials for one of our big apparel clients, and other things. I'm not complaining about the work (I'm delighted to have a lot, in fact), but I would love to have just even a couple of days off doing absolutely nothing.

studio business

I'm keeping my toes crossed for another pair of deals for me and Nikki as writers and creators.

One of them involves the production of a lot of somethings on a long-term basis for the web; the other, for television, involves writing an entire season of episodes based on a charming premise.

There exists the other TV project from Singapore, so we'll see how that one works out.


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