Wednesday, September 24, 2003

sagewatch: words and shmear

"Mo-mi'" (accented on the second syllable, Italian-fashion) - Sage's new catch-all for every human being, except herself - "Shajze".

"Yucky" - for things that are unpleasant, though she also sometimes calls her yaya this way (which is a little too forward, if you ask me).

Plus a lot of other words and phrases I am not yet equipped to understand. Thank goodness my daughter is patient with me.

Before I left home this morning, Nikki and Sage were having poppy seed bagels with salmon shmear (thanks to Sage's Ninong Vin). Nikki showed her how good it smelled, so Sage leaned over and put her entire nose into the shmear. She then sat up and laughed her Sagey laugh, knowing how silly and good life was.


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