Saturday, October 11, 2003

beaucoup blah-blah

The thing I enjoy most about my business is the time when I pitch to a client (yes, even moreso than creating the initial idea set). I got ample opportunities to do just that with a pair of clients this week, and I'm happy to say that I think the company will be okay until next year (but then again, the wheel turns, so I must keep that in mind).

I believe that to effectively pitch anything - be it campaign, concept, idea or a plea- you need to have passion, inventiveness, quick-thinking and flexibility. Mix and use in necessary degrees with a strong concept and most likelyyou'll win the account against other bidders. There is no such thing as an idea that sells itself. It still has to presented. If a strong idea is presented weakly, you will lose.

On the other hand, the best blah blah will not sell an insipid notion. I have too many war stories to tell about incidents when I walked into a power boardroom with chutzpah and pathetic materials. At the end of such presentations, I just want to die.

But thankfully the people I work with are both intelligent and creative.


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