Monday, December 29, 2003

the 2003 rinky-dink comics awards

And why shouldn't I give out my own awards?

Best short story (local): Negros Occidental, 1978 from Siglo: Freedom, by Honoel Ibardolaza (tough call, but Hai's great dialogue threatens the playwright in me)

Best short story (other): (TIE) Tuesday Night at the Jazz Club from Autobiographix, by Diana Schutz and Arnold Pander (and it's just 3 pages); and Michael Chabon's Mister Terrific story in JSA All-Stars (lovely structure, pacing and characterization)

Best original graphic novel (local): Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah Collected Edition by Carlo Vergara (this is how the story was meant to be read)

Best original graphic novel (other): Orbiter by Warren Ellis (very visible structure with the usual Ellis sensibilities, but well-executed)

Best hero book (other): Runaways by Brian Vaughn (delicious)

Best anthology by single author (other): Summer Blonde by Adrian Tomine (I always learn something new storytelling-wise from this guy)

Best anthology of previously published material (other): Asterix and the Class Act by Rene Goscinny and Albert Uderzo (rare short stories that are simply wonderful)

Best Online Comics: by Honoel Ibardolaza (so much to read and see)

Special Award for Excellence: Blankets by Craig Thompson (which goes to prove that one's earlier work is not cause for wishing that author would just give up writing forever - yes, that's how much I reviled his earlier misbegotten Goodbye, Chunky Rice)

Special Award for Controversy: (TIE) Darna by Mango Comics; and Gerry's blog post about manga (check out the comments on his blog - LOL)

Special Awards for Drivel (other): (TIE) 16ohno! by Neil Gaiman & New X-Men by Grant Morrison (don't get me started on the foibles by two of my favorite writers - oh Xorn!)

Special Awards for Drivel (local): that book about a guy who turns into turd (really, it's vile, ousting the WITCH-wanna be from this slot)

Most Disappointing Anthology (other): Endless Nights by Neil Gaiman (well, 3 out of 7 is disappointing, considering the great art in the book - but a story is a story is a story)


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