Sunday, December 28, 2003

arre nuptials

Nikki, Vin, Carl, Cams, Marco and I had the pleasure of attending the most awaited union of the year: the wedding of Arnold Arre and Cynthia Bauzon, two very dear friends.

Those that know this couple are aware that their togetherness was destined from the moment they set eyes on each other, each one complementing the other in a thousand thousand ways.

Both are talented artists - Cyn is still a big name in advertising, winning a rare Clio Award (the preeminent international award and design show for advertising) for the Philippines; Arnold is a back to back National Book Awardee. Nikki and I were privileged to work with Arnold on a number of occasions - he illustrated The Lost, as well as contributed stories to ab ovo, Isaw, Atbp and Siglo: Freedom. Cyn was our initial choice for Siglo: Freedom's book design but her wedding schedule prevented her from full attention - thus allowing Carl to create his wonderful design (by the way, if any book designer deserves mention at the National Book Awards, it's Carl for Siglo: Freedom).

But better yet, both are wonderful people, deserving of all the love in the world.

The wedding was held at the Parish of the Holy Sacrifice at UP Diliman, our old alma mater.

The reception was at the Shangri-la Plaza Hotel, and the pair created a virtual indoor garden. Tim Yap mode: glad to have a chance to chat with Quark Henares, Ramon de Veyra and Neva Talladen, as well as Luis Katigbak.

It was an enchanting affair.

The barkada capped the night with coffee, discussing the perils of having a birthday conflict with someone's wedding (Happy Birthday, Cams!).


And my birthday's coming up too. But I didn't let my impending descent into middle age ruin the happy evening.

Some pix (yes, I wore a barong tagalog!).

Made us think of our own wedding eight years ago

My beloved wife and my best friend

Marco! Who are you looking at?

With Arnold at the church


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