Thursday, December 11, 2003

at last!

I'm holding SIGLO: FREEDOM tradepaperback (I can't believe it!) in my sweaty hands (well, not exactly true, otherwise I'd be typing with my nose).

I love the world! Now is the time to ask me for anything!!!

I'm deliriously happy!

It's a handsome volume - the printing by Mango Books (our publisher, not to be confused with Mango Comics) is top notch, and it should be, after all, they publish a number of glossy mags. Carl's book design is gorgeous, working well with the botanical art by Yang Vergara-Simbulan. And the art and stories... I love them all!

I know, I know. But how can I help raving about a dream come true?

As far as I know, SIGLO: FREEDOM is the first time an all-Filipino anthology has beeen created in this format, with this theme, with this quality. It is important that we help grafiction move towards a deeper agenda, after all, if we do not move, who will?

I'm so happy I'm thinking of finalizing SIGLO: MIDNIGHT's roster before the year's end.

Thanks again to SIGLO: FREEDOM's incredible roster of creatives - people who were able to put together this anthology from scratch in the equivalent of a blink of an eye. SIGLO: FREEDOM began as an idea in a parking lot one night before it came it life, thanks to Gerry Alanguilan, Nikki Alfar, Arnold Arre, Jason Banico, Marco Dimaano, Andrew Drilon, Honoel Ibardolaza, Lan Medina, Elbert Or, Vin Simbulan, Carlo Vergara and Yang Vergara-Simbulan. Special thanks go to Jamie Bautista for his presence and support.

We had our ups and downs, our share of stress and heartbreak but it all worked out in the end - it did not end in tears.

We'll have the soft launch at on December 20th, and the grand launch on January 30, 2004 complete with all the trimmings.

SIGLO: FREEDOM will be available at Comicquest beginning Friday, at the C3Con on Saturday and Sunday, and at major bookstores following its launch.

Go and get a copy!


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