Thursday, December 04, 2003

barong barong

Unlike most Filipinos, I do not own a barong tagalog.

The last time I had one of my own was in high school and it was this garish designer creation with black and sliver stripes that just too attention-getting.

I've always preferred wearing a suit.

With a suit, you can play with color, style, buttons and the accoutrements you wear under it.

With a barong, all you have is all you have plus your undershirt.

I look better in a suit. In fact, I own 6, in black, grey, midnight, black, black and... black.

However, with the Arre-Bauzon nuptials coming very soon (you should see their killer invitation with the pop-up), I do need to shop for a barong, just so I abide by the attire request.


That's easily P3-5k out the window - and that's ready-to-wear off-the-rack


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