Wednesday, December 03, 2003

can’t win ‘em all

Loss can have the devastating impact of heartbreak or the cold remoteness of TV crime reportage.

Today, we got word that we lost two bids. Strangely enough, despite the fact that we spent a lot of time and effort in the pitches, I don’t feel too bad.

The reason is this: we moved on. As soon as the waiting period for the results started, we moved on and acquired other projects, enough such that we were not reliant on whatever results came of the bids we made.

One of our peculiarities as people is an almost bathetic, overly sentimental dependence on hope. It gets dangerous when we put all our eggs in one basket and then hope for the best. That scenario requires only one outcome – success, and cannot survive on any other result.

It’s better to do your best then move on. Hope, then, becomes something wonderful, and if it is realized it is all gravy.

thinking about local comics

1 pop filmmaker
1 independent filmmaker
1 novelist
1 poet
1 fictionist
1 children’s story writer
1 painter
1 photographer

All of them award winners, from the Palanca Awards to the Cultural Center of the Philippines Awards and beyond. Their texts and films have been published or shown here, there and everywhere. We’re talking pedigree.

What would I do with this list?

Why, make big plans, of course. Big, happy, long-term plans.

(And hope, because hope is cruel.)


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