Monday, December 08, 2003

four-color shelves

Sometimes, something deep inside me reacts violently to all the slice-of-life, indie, deep and profound books I tend to pick up and lionize as emblematic of the human condition.

When this happens, my wallet suffers but the superhero side of my bookshelf grows, as I make additions to the roster of POW! ZAP! BAM! worthies.

Recently, I picked up some oldies, some copies of books I had but lost, some I patiently waited for until they were collected in trade form - Superman in the Sixties (how I love these absurd gems), JLA/Titans: Technis Imperative (because 60 heroes in one book is reason enough ), Legion: Darkseid (this must be the 5th copy I've had to buy, the bugger keeps going MIA), Robin: Year One (because, secretly, I'm really this huge Bats fan, and this time period is great), the Willingham Dreaming trade (which belongs in this category, because, really, he's a poor writer trying to be Gaimanesque).

For the very thin manga portion of my shelves, I added the 4th volume of Battle Royale (because it makes me laugh).

For the album side, I got Asterix and the Class Act (a wonderful new anthology collecting 14 short stories, all unknown to me).

Waiting in the wings, unloved, is my copy of Autobiografix, the anthology where indie and established creators tell personal stories, along with the two Monkey vs. Robot trades.

I'm in the mood for color madness, not for anything the plumbs of the depths of someone else's soul.


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