Monday, December 15, 2003

last week of work

Or so I hope (it all depends if a client or two's requirements cannot be produced by the end of the week). It's hard to concentrate with all the yuletide distractions.

For one thing, there is a pile of gifts that we need to send out all over the city via our one messenger. These aren't things easily mailed, so that option is out. We'll pitch, of course, and deliver to clients within our immediate reach.

There are parties and parties and parties to schedule, plan and attend.

There is the perpetual traffic jam in front of our office as shoppers attack the Greenhills area. It's madness, madness I tell you.

Workwise, there's a pile of stuff to do, forecasts to make, papers to attend to, suppliers to pay, materials to source, clients to visit, presentations to prepare for.

It so hard to focus. I just want to stay home and vegetate. Or maybe even write.

The commercial atmosphere aside, it looks like a pretty decent Christmas. Not as much stress as the previous years. I just want the week to be over so celebrations can begin in force.

ten essentials: closet

Getting dressed for work today, I got to look (of course) at my closet. Actually, closets (yes, my wardrobe overwhelms my wife’s). I realized that even with my scheduled purchases (I go big time clothes shopping once or twice a year, with the occasional small purchases), I need to clear out space.

But what to keep? What to get? The essentials, of course. Those items of wardrobe that every gentleman should have.

1. Black suit – top and bottom. Good for formal, semi-formal. Goes with variety of shirts. You can wear the suit top and match it with jeans. Do not scrimp because a good suit is a must. Balenciaga or Polo are good enough. No need to spend over P40,000.

2. Black slacks – Necessary for business, pairs up with anything – polo, barong, white or or grey or black tee, blazer, suit top. Versatile because you can wear leather shoes or swanky sandals or comfy shoes. Dockers or similar brands have good selections.

3. Crisp white long sleeve polo – flexible top, very useful. Matches well with many bottoms. Make sure the thread count is high, the material is crisp and way the shirt drapes is flattering. A good shirt is hard to find. Once you do find one, don’t forget where you got it.

4. Black long sleeved polo – you can’t go wrong with black. Many house brands come up with different styles throughout the year. Keep an eye open.

5. Black jeans – 501s or similar from Levis. Very versatile.

6. Black, white, grey undershirts – you can also wear these alone, matched with jeans or slacks. Many brands have different fits. Make your choice.

7. Black socks – various thicknesses. Generics are fine.

8. Black leather shoes – get two pairs: one for semi-regular use, one for formal occasions. Excellent fakes to be found in Cubao. If you don’t want to go there and don’t want to spend too much, try Mark & Spencers. Additionally, you should have a pair of Doc Martens or similar funky shoes.

9. A mountain of underwear – boxers or otherwise, have more than you need. No need for Calvins (very expensive). Try Bench or the various brands in dept stores.

10. Black jacket – not a suit top but a something you can use for casual wear. Leather is not recommended unless you live in a cold country (believe me, my leather jacket is gathering mold in storage). Dockers has a good line to choose from.

Yes, almost everything is black. But once you have the basics, you can play with color.


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