Friday, December 12, 2003

terrific year-end showing

And what offerings we have. I'm still giddy with the fact that our expanding circle of grafiction creatives managed not one but multiple books, either produced by ourselves or in conjunction with old and new big publishers.

The SIGLO: FREEDOM TPB, the ZSA ZSA ZATURNNAH TPB, ANGEL NEXT, CHERRY BLOSSOM HIGH, MYSTIC MACHINE MAHARLIKA, TWO COLOR TRUTH THEATRE plus a new printing of AFTER EDEN - all results of a lot of work, collaboration, faith, luck and in certain cases, a strong mercenary mode (yay!).

We also get to see work by new writers and artists (just see us try to stop Jason from a recruitment drive) in addition to the final issue of DARNA, and new issues of CULTURE CRASH, QUESTOR EXTREME and many more.

So if you love comics by Filipinos (and you should), drop by Megamall this Saturday and Sunday for the C3Con.

And bring money to burn.


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