Wednesday, January 14, 2004

happo five yen satsu!
little girl get well step one!

Poor Sage has been suffering from a stomach virus that's been going around.

After two trips to the doctor's, she seems to have finally shaken it off, but has lost some weight.

One of the most horrible feelings in the world is that of being a father when your child is ill. You feel utterly helpless, and wish that you could take on the burden yourself (wait, wait, I feel a Samwise Gamgee moment... okay, it has passed, whew!). You can only give the best care you can, pray and watch her fight her own little battle.

But now she's back to drawing circles with her Sharpee, engaging me in conversation with her new Singaporean accent ("Daddy-lah!"), holding high tea with her friends and demanding to see her pictures on the computer.

action, adventure and hope beyond reason

That about sums up my treatment for the epic scale animation series on my plate.

I'm taking a slipstream approach, mixing scifi and fantasy campaign-style.

I've begun to fine tune the series bible and have seen the interesting preliminary character designs.

There's a lot of work, but I've officially signed the contract and am in for 26 episodes.

mise en place

I'm glad to hear that everything has been settled to your satisfaction.

Sometimes, the simplest answer eludes us, as we complicate matters to heart's twisting point.

You see, often the Principle of Parsimony is enough - William of Occam did have a point, after all.

But now that you have both your freedom and a commitment, what will you do?


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