Sunday, February 08, 2004

crazy guys driving buses

Budjette pointed out this article about Flight, a new indie anthology being put together in the US.

He wrote "Parang Alamat. Parang Siglo."

And it is so true.

Vin and I are working on SIGLO: PASSION. We have the story pitches in and things are moving according to schedule for the most part. We're jazzed by the entire thing, working with a huge cast of creatives to hopefully produce something of interest to readers old and new. Our agenda is to create literature that is not just enjoyable but of enduring significance as well.

Budjette and the guys of Alamat are putting together one hell of an anthology, thematic and with a strong roster of writers and artists, celebrating the fine qualities that make Alamat what it is. These guys are pioneers and continue to push boundaries.

Nikki and Zach of Mango Comics are also crafting an anthology series aimed at young readers, a market segment that needs good reading material.

And I hear of another anthology, also in the works.

So all these crazy drivers, wheeling buses filled with equally crazed writers and artists, storytellers with so much to say and show.

If we all manage to get to the destination in one piece, this will be a fantastic year for local comics - and that's just the anthologies.

I look forward to the pamphlets and mini-comics and other wonderful stuff in the works from the various circles of creators, big and small. I can't wait for the new collected editions of various works.

Heroes, slice-of-life, horror, fantasy, action-adventure, serious stuff, history - there is room for all.

Isn't it just great?


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