Friday, March 19, 2004

billy's back

After he was terrorized by the police, my favorite pirate DVD vendor is back at Greenhills, plying his illegal film copies.

This time, he has a front of (still-fake) music CDs. If you ask him for the DVDs, he'll look around warily, and, once he has ascertained that there's no one suspicious in the vicinity, will pass you a list of his latest offerings. These Quiapo-sourced copies are high-level rips. You select what you want, without discussing price (because, as a favored customer, you already know your deep discount level), and his hands get busy under the table. In seconds, he'll hand you your selections, wrapped in discreet thin green plastic, with a smile and a "thank you, Boss".

To watch over the weekend (assuming no writing is done):

Bring It On Again (what can I say? I loved the first one, with young nubile cheerleaders jumping around)
Master & Commander (to see if Crowe' was any good)
The Cat In The Hat (for Sage)
Brother Bear (for Sage)
Looney Tunes: Back In Action (for all of us, because we love Brendan Fraser)
Love Actually (because I honestly do not want to watch this in a movie theatre)
Duplex (because once in a while you need something stupid)
Monster (to see if Theron deserved it)
House of Sand and Fog (for Kingsley)


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