Friday, March 19, 2004

three days

Nikki and I are thinking about going away for around 3 days, before the Holy Week.

I need time to focus on finishing all the stuff I need to write - two or three plays plus around 25,000 words of prose - and it is next to impossible to concentrate when the object of your adoration is jumping up and down the bed shouting your name with unmitigated glee (I mean Sage, of course, but sometimes Nikki does jump around when I ask with a twinkle in my eye).

There was a time when I could write with some distraction, but now I just can't. If I were running on pure inspiration, sure. But when I am deliberately doing things like structuring a story, or working on a complex sentence diagram, or running through my vocabulary for that perfect word... not anymore.

So, our options are:

1. We walk across the road and check in at the Galleria Suites. Very convenient, true, but there is no true sense of distance (but do I really need distance?).

2. We check in at the City Garden in Makati or the Sulu Hotel in Quezon City. There's some distance but still the comforts of Manila (but somehow, if we're going to spend for a hotel anyway, why not just leave town completely?).

3. Fly to Baguio (sorry, but the road trip would kill me, and the flight is exceedingly short and a bit exciting too). In addition, it's cooler there and it would give Nikki a lot more to do than just laze in the bubble bath for three days while I pound away at the laptop. But since we're willing to take a flight, why not leave Luzon altogether?

4. Fly to Cebu and stay at that garden hotel we love. The danger here is the fact that we have friends in Cebu and it would seem rude to not even bother linking up. But if we do, then just when do I write? Knowing these guys, we will be draged half-unwillingly to an island for some aquatic delights, and at night we'd probaby do a circuit of cool spots.

5. Fly to Hong Kong or Singapore for three days. What?! Just to write?! Can you see the absurd path my thinking has taken me on? Not only have I managed to multiply our expenses by a magnitude (because of course we'll need shopping money - you don't expect us to sit in the hotel room of a foreign country and not go book-hunting), but I've also managed to create a silly solution for a small need. Sigh.

6. Stay at home. And learn to write with eyes and ears closed.

We'll see.


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