Monday, April 12, 2004

easter with sage

I was woken up by Sage pounding at the bedroom door. Groggily, I opened the door and in rushed Sage, shouting "Happy Easter!".

Over Easter lunch, I could not help but be dismayed, yet again, at how quickly time passes. Sage ran around the resto, climbing on chairs, standing on the tables, heedless of danger in the manner only the very young can pull off.

I love this little girl so much - her ability to be delighted by new things is akin to the spirit of wonder I always look for in stuff I read (and try to infuse in the stuff I write). I like the way I'm seeing parts of myself in Sage, as well as parts of Nikki's personality - and Sage's own character, of course. But I do wonder, am I this impatient? I guess so.

A boy tried to ride the same horse Sage was riding, but Sage gave him a stare of such dire implications that he left (only to come back when she was riding the balloon ride - she attracts men like her mother). Of course, the protective part of me wanted to smash the little boy's face in.

But look at how she's grown! Those are huge beanie-type pillows she's hugging.

We spend the rest of day with her paternal grandmother at the Greenhills house, where she played with the dogs and picked flowers, while her parents did the usual adult stuff - converse and eat.


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