Tuesday, May 18, 2004

badminton schmabminton

I put on my consultant's hat today as I spoke with a potential client: an integrated sports complex. I was impressed as heck by the sheer scale of operations - the complex was almost a hectare in size, had 14 badminton courts, a futsal (indoor soccer) field, a basketball court and a gigantic area where people do scary things with rope (and I don't even know what that is called).

Badminton has risen in popularity over here in the past 3 years, with a great demand for indoor courts. In certain areas of the metropolis, people have to reserve way in advance or risk having to wait until the madding crowd thins.

Since I am not a sports person at all (it's all mental, baby), I was never bitten by the badminton bug. While it is obviously fun for the people who play it, and great exercise, it just has zero appeal to me. I tried watching a match and ended up outlining a new story in my head instead.

Which is why, in a light mood, the client suggested an exchange deal to me. In exchange for my services, I'd get X amount in terms of multiple memberships and privileges. Which would delight my partner, Marc, but not me. If it were a bookstore, yes. Or even a grocery (haha, will work for food!).

So I channeled Sage, wagged my finger and intoned, "No,no,no".

We started to laugh until my eye caught the list of services they had, which included a Spa and Sauna... Oh no! Must be strong...


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