Sunday, May 09, 2004

the best mom i know...

... is Sage's mom.

Happy Mother's Day, beloved!

stupid draw

Like the rest of the menfolk in the Philippines, one of the things weighing heavier in mind than the upcoming elections tomorrow was the Pacquiao-Marquez bout in Las Vegas.

Our country desperately needs heroes.

We got a draw, in a controversial final judgment that infuriated the teeming masses.

Nothing sucks more than a draw. In competition, if you win, you win. If you lose, you lose and try for a better result next time. Lack of closure in something that should have been clean cut like this (I mean, the scoring is on technical merits, right?) is such a letdown.

voting 1

Monday will begin the closure process for the Philippine elections. With over 17,000 posts up for grabs, the most anticipated contest is for the highest office of the land. All five presidentiables (Arroyo, Poe, Roco, Lacson and Villanueva) shared a pew and heard mass, supposedly putting aside their differences in a show of unity. What a showbiz move.

What's expected to happen: Arroyo wins, but Poe raises a ruckus in the streets, in the hope of yet another ocholocratic reversal. Violence, accusations and other dramatic turns of events. But after that, we will still have the Lady President. Such is the power and influence of the incumbent, especially when the Opposition cannot unite.

People say: "Better her than Poe. Even if she has to cheat, I'd support her. It's a matter of lesser evils."

A country that elects a lesser evil to govern it can only expect the least amount of national good. At this level of discourse, it's all personal, baby.

voting 2

But actually more thrilling to me is the finale of Survivor All-Stars. In a season plagued by questionable "must-watch" TV, SAS (or, as its detractors prefer, ASS) did give us Rob Mariano in his most "Even An Asshole Can Win" mode.

But can he win? Most likely not.

My final roster prediction:


Only a few more hours before we know, o Kali!

los idolos de filipinas

Last night, after another "Oh My God, I Cannot Eat Another Bite" dinner of crab, prawns, mussels, tilapia and inihaw na baboy at Dampa Libis, the gang and I went and sang out hearts out.

The sub-theme for the night: sing like our American Idol faves.

So Nikki and I channeled Fantasia and John Stevens (Something To Talk About and King of the Road), Vin took charge of the entire Barry Manilow songlist (but really, as JPL), while Carl tapped into Jasmine's standards as Cams revealed much with her song selections.

After various performances, we'd give judge comments, ultimately deciding that we were beautiful (thanks, Paula).

Oh, Fantasia must win. If you love her as much as we do, go check out Rickey's site for downloadable goodies (and a rather controversial message string).


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