Monday, May 17, 2004

the fall of troy

I swear, the Troy film was so terribly done, my stomach turned (true, but not just because of this sad waste of time - my innards disagreed with the sandwich I scarfed from Subway). That, plus the boredom, made me quit the theatre after another insufferable "acting" sequence with Brad Pitt and Brian Cox. Gah.

I disagree with almost all of my friends, who quite enjoyed it. I have too much beef with the poor writing, the poor acting, the poor casting and the poor editing to go into detail, but all the eye candy (i.e. Achilles, Hector and especially Paris) cannot save or make this a good film by any stretch of logic.

It was so bad it was camp, and not in a way that I'll love a few years into the future.

mother and child

Two reasons why life is joyous.


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