Wednesday, May 12, 2004

midweek groove

My partner and I gave our staff and ourselves an extra free day yesterday, just to recharge after the hectic times of late. So my work week begins on a Wednesday, which feels odd, like I've missed out on something important. The good thing though is that everything feels slanted towards the weekend, and all the little work things I need to do seem almost too easy. But what seems easy rarely is, right? One of these little things is thinking of a whole new pitch for a client, across our entire service/line offerings, from video to train ads to mircosites to PR placements and everything in-between. Must get the brain working!

couch potato

I had honestly planned on doing some writing over my long break, but dammit, I was ensorcelled by the back-to-back, marathon, watch-until-your-eyes-bleed American Idol and Survivor programming. TV is a horrible, horrible thing. And yet... Ah, shit, how could I resist watching all the auditions again? All the drama of the selecting the Top 12? The wildcards, the heartaches, and all that? And how could I possibly miss Rob proposing to Amber (silly gits that we are, Nikki and I held hands and teared up as we identified, dammit, we identified!). I was just pissed by the constant interruptions of the election quick counts - and mind you, these quick counts are anything but quick.

If you plan to write, rip the TV off the shelf and hurl off the condo ledge. Or make sure that there's nothing good on TV in the first place.

swimming with sage

Sage came up to me and said, "Daddy, let's swim."

ME: No, Sage. It's too hot. And we're watching Idol.

SAGE: Watch Idol?

ME: Yes.

SAGE: No, Daddy. Let's swim.

ME: No, Sage.

SAGE: Daddy! let's swim! Let's swim!

ME: Argh! Okay, let's swim! But first, you have to get your bathing suit. And your sunblock. And your slippers and towel. So do that and I'll wait for you here.

Sage ran off, got everything she needed before Ryan Seacrest could announce whose dreams were shattered forever.

SAGE: Daddy! Let's go!

And so we did, up to the condo pool where we jumped and frolicked in the cool waters. Sage would climb out and have me catch her as she jumped into the pool (no fear, I tell you). Then later she had me get out of the water, where she stayed. I wondered why until I saw her raising her arms out, ready to catch her smiling father.


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