Thursday, May 06, 2004

siglo: freedom in diamond's previews

Let me translate that peculiar title up there.

Basically, our book, Siglo: Freedom, has been picked up by Diamond Comic Distributors (comic, magazine, book, toy and related items US distributor who handles Marvel Comics, DC Comics and everyone else) for inclusion in their Previews publication (a catalog of stuff used by retailers and fans to order) - as soon as all the paperwork is done.

The reason this is important news to us (and believe me, I'm jumping with delight) is because it gives us overseas exposure (and hopefully, sales!). And it is uber-cool to be listed with all the other comics - sort of gives you the feeling that you're "for real", you get what I mean?

Does this mean we've "made it"? Nah. But it's a great big step for us towards the goal of reaching a larger audience.

And suddenly, I feel the pressure on Siglo: Passion...


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