Tuesday, May 18, 2004

thoughtlife: opportunity

There's money, and there's Money.

If you were given an offer that, in terms of potential remuneration, puts you in a completely different economic class, what would prevent you from accepting?

Would it be the nature of the new circumstances? If it is something within your field of knowledge or skillsets? If it is ethically or morally acceptable? If it is legal?

Would it be whether the new work is something you'd enjoy doing? If it makes you happy? If it challenges you? If it is creative or routine?

Would it be a matter of convenience? If you had to drive an hour? Five hours? If you had to move to another city? Another province? Another country? Would you goodbye to your immediate family?

Would it be a question of stability? If you can be guaranteed the salary for a number of years? If a golden parachute scenario can be created? If tenure is fixed, regardless of performance?

Would it be a matter of control? If you need to answer to a superior? If you had a certain degree of independence? If you were boss, head honcho, big banana?

Would you be frightened of the option?

Would you risk the chance of a lifetime?

Would you, could you, should you?


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