Thursday, May 13, 2004

you don't know class...

...America. Farewell, La Toya London.

And frankly, I'm aghast that Fantasia was in the bottom two.

It doesn't make sense.

But it does make riveting TV, doesn't it?

roller coaster

A dramatic change at work is scheduled to occur soon. I take it as part of the growth process of my company. A little controlled expansion may be in the cards.

I need to get out of businesses that require my physical presence all the time. My inability to clone myself has resulted in lost opportunities (and of course, the need to focus on doing one thing very well is important too).

Maybe a retail business?

Ah, but what I really want is to set up a classy House of Ill-Repute. Truly.

Or generate stories and content for various media and get paid in dancing girls, Tropicana Orange Juice and an unlimited account at

things i wished i did not see

The video of muslims beheading an American

The pictures of the Iraqi prisoners humiliated and hurt by Americans

Fernando Poe Jr. leading the polls

My expanding gut... feh.

north of 180

But with my height, people say I carry my weight well.

I disagree. Already, I know that I am terribly overweight and my life preserver has started to get out of hand. But really, what's wrong about looking like a dad? I'm a dad.

But still.

The problem is two-fold: first, I love to eat. Second, I'm lazier than a sloth when it comes to exercise. So, um, lipo? Nope, because my pain tolerance is zilch.

So, what to do, what to do.

Okay, maybe Gold's Gym is a possibility. Something like Videoke Cycling or somesuch.

Sigh, I'm tired already.

no thanks, says mag

My first rejection letter from The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction was terse and to the point. The story I submitted failed to interest the reader.

Fair enough.

Wait til you read the next one.

speaking of writing

Check out The Grand List of Overused Science Fiction Clich├ęs for tons of fun - useful also if you write in this genre.


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