Wednesday, June 16, 2004

talking the talk

I accepted this invitation last month but forgot about it until it was brought to my attention again today.

I'll be one of the speakers next month at the MediaMorphosis2: Diversified Media in Synergy shindig over at the Philippine International Convention Center, along with notables like Lowe Incorporated executive creative director Raul Castro, Islands Souvenirs president Jay Aldeguer, Advertising Board of the Philippines chair Cerge Remonde, InquirerTV executive producer John Nery, PCIJ executive director Shiela Coronel and digital filmmaker Khavn dela Cruz (gasp - enough name dropping).

In particular, I've been asked to talk about Independent Media. Here's the teaser of my module (their words, not mine):

Radical, driven and free, the alternative press, underground music, and independent-filmmaking attract the attention of today’s generation. Independent media and art highlight freedom from commercialization of ideas and manipulation of outside forces—challenges that face mainstream media.

The indie movement has gained the youth’s respect and admiration. What can it do to mobilize young Pinoys to action? How can it foster greater appreciation and concern for the country? Given many young Filipinos’ interest in helping the community, how can the independent approach be maximized by young communicators wanting to make a difference?

On a bigger scale, how does media in this do-it-yourself fashion influence and challenge mainstream mass communication?

Can you say grafiction? What a great opportunity to plug Siglo: Passion.

Or porn. Hmmm.

Anyhow, this seems to be a big thing with the Inquirer because several friends and clients have called me to say that they saw my name in the newspaper, yadda yadda. In fact (now that I read about this event more closely), MediaMorphosis2 is organized by the Philippine Daily Inquirer with the Ateneo Development Society, De La Salle Green Media Group and University of the Philippines-Communicators for Good Governance. There you go.

So, if want to hear me prattle, be at the PICC on July 24, 2004 at 3PM.


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