Monday, August 02, 2004


the dean alfar cultural correspondence index

Very simple. Look at the list of choices below (left or right) and select which one applies to your sensibilities best. Be honest.

When you're through, give yourself 1 point for every left choice you made. That score is your DACCI score - which shows the percentage that you'd agree with me in most conversations.

Let me know how you do.

1. Marquez or Rushdie
2. Fantasy or scifi
3. "In the mood for love" or "Spiderman 2"
4. Ryuichi Sakamoto or Avril Lavigne
5. Plays or symphonies
6. Chocolate or cinnamon
7. Tapas or kebabs
8. Hong Kong or Tokyo
9. Blog or paper diary
10. Coke or pepsi
11. Seven Samurai or Rashomon
12. New thick novel or day trip to the mountains
13. Dylan Thomas or John Keats
14. Survivor or American Idol
15. Love is what you make it OR True Love
16. Le Guin or Tolkien
17. Street Fighter or Tekken
18. Bibot Amador or Soxy Topacio
19. Don Carlos Palanca Award or National Book Award
20. Short story or novel
21. the present or the past
22. Spirited Away or Princess Mononoke
23. Duran Duran or Spandau Ballet
24. Olivier or Gielgud
25. Ferdinand Marcos or Cory Aquino
26. Dumaguete or Manila
27. Cathay Pacific or Northwest Airlines
28. Tausi Spareribs or Ribeye
29. Sondheim or Webber
30. Neil Gaiman or Alan Moore
31. Grant Morrison or Brian Michael Bendis
32. Mike Allred or Jim Lee
33. Batman or Superman
34. Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah or Darna
35. The Doors or The Grateful Dead
36. Inquirer or Star
37. Butch Dalisay or Kryp Yuson
38. Softdrink or beer
39. Turn-based or RTS
40. Settlers of Catan or Upwords
41. Dine or Dance
42. The 80’s or The 90’s
43. Counterspell or Lightning Bolt
44. No watch or wristwatch
45. Les Miz or Rent
46. The Cure or Echo & the Bunnymen
47. Bloom County or Calvin & Hobbes
48. Eastern Zodiac or Western Zodiac
49. Brutus the Barber or Hulk Hogan
50. JSA or LSH
51. "The Braille Encyclopedia" or "The Lottery"
52. Google or yahoo
53. Fried fish or soupy fish
54. Porterhouse or tiger prawns
55. Mango or strawberry
56. Christian Espiritu or Pitoy Moreno
57. DVD or movie house
58. Imodium or Tylenol
59. Condo or town house
60. Taxi or car
61. Impulse or wait-it-out
62. Shadowland or happyland
63. character or plot
64. hotdog or popcorn
65. 7 deadly sins or 7 habits of successful people
66. win-lose or win-win
67. vodka or gin
68. New York or Las Vegas
69. mp3 or CD
70. ice cream or cake
71. New Order or Joy Division
72. Tomine or Clowes
73. Zhang Ziyi or Audrey Tatou
74. D&D or Worlds of Darkness
75. Vogue-era or ray-of-light-era
76. wrestling or soccer
77. give up writing or give up smoking
78. call or text
79. prose or poetry
80. Egypt’s Museum of Antoquities or the MOMA
81. red wine or white wine
82. The Simpsons or Friends
83. Daffy Duck or Bugs Bunny
84. watercolor or pastel
85. anchovies or onions
86. pesto or meatsauce
87. drive or ambition
88. tighty whities or boxers
89. hotel room or beach
90. buffet or ala carte
91. empty screen or empty page
92. porn or world peace
93. multi-author anthology or single author collection
94. leather shoes or rubber shoes
95. early or just on time
96. Reds or lights
97. talk or listen
98. Chabon or Eggers
99. natural or artificial light
100. Degas or Renoir


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