Monday, August 02, 2004

non-manic monday


After breakfast at Seattle's Best (which turns out to have more than just one good thing to eat - now it's two), I went to my real estate development client and presented their alpha website, which was approved with small changes. I like this client because of their direct approach to things.

A large-scale site is never an easy thing to do, but I believe in the team I assembled to handle design and copy.

The danger in web design is feature creep, and I've managed to keep things within the scope of original agreement.

I think I do have to visit Tagaytay soon, and see if all the fantastic photos give justice to the multiple clubs and residences we're writing about. Perhaps sometime before we leave for the US in October.


With the moving day set for this coming Saturday, my crew is beginning the process of packing things out with an eye towards creating the least disruption. We have live projects going on and can't afford untoward interruption.

I'm just a bit overwhelmed by all the junk I've found in drawers, including missing papers, food and books (gads, I feel like Vin). I even found money, which made me happy (so I got a Shawarma - roast beef wrapped in a flour sheathe with onions and garlic sauce).

I need a better way of keeping my non-digital files organized (hmmm... maybe a secretary? Just dreaming).


Over the weekend, I've been musing about the structure of the new play I have in my head. I think the best way to describe it is in terms of writing a piece of music for an orchestra, with certain voices in harmony or even counterpoint.

I really don't know how I will write this, but I've decided to just jump in and learn from my mistakes. I think I've reached a certain comfort zone in playwriting and need to challenge myself a bit, otherwise, I'll just coast along, doing more of the same. And while to some that's okay, for me it will be no more than inspired ennui. I need to do something I haven't done before in the form I'm most familiar with.

So, a choral piece that is not a musical should be challenge enough for now.

Something about letters. Or something.


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