Friday, September 03, 2004

comic book advocacy

I just finished being interviewed by a pair of writers from Heraldo Filipino, and the topic was the history of Filipino comic books and its current state. I made sure to point them out to Gerry, whose is a bigger and more knowledgable advocate than I am, but was able to tell them about the current day and the handful of years I've been "active".

I've also been invited to guest-edit an online literary publication that will focus on graphic literature in a few months time. This is a big deal for me because it is an opportunity to position grafiction toe-to-toe with the best of Philippine literature. Previous issues of the journal have featured award-winning fiction, plays and poetry. More on this as it develops.

the babel machine

Joey's spankin' new blog is up. Click here for the Babel Machine.

Inq7 has also published the first part of his prize-winning essay, Surviving the Zeroes.


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