Thursday, September 02, 2004

lunch economics

On a workday, I really hate having to eat out (unless the tab is picked up by a client, in which case I'm more than happy). Given the realities of resto pricing, my wallet often feels brutally violated.

For example, today after a meeting with a real estate developer ended at on odd time, I was caught by the lunch hour with little affordable options. I ended up spending around P240 on pork loin and a drink. If not for the fact that I could smoke in that particular resto, I would have felt that I didn't get my money's worth.

I much prefer to eat at the office. Everyday, just before lunch, a lady comes over with a menu with three selections, each costing only P35, including rice, vegetables and a goodly viand portion. Better yet, I only have to pay my tab every 15 days when we commonly assess my consumption.

I never bought in to the idea that a "boss" should eat like a "boss". It's stupid, repulsive, insulting and expensive.

But having said that, I give in once in a while when the routine of the packed lunch gets to me, and I go off to treat myself to huge salad or an unwarranted buffet.


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