Monday, October 25, 2004

lost cell

My cell phone got stolen so please disregard whatever messages the thief will send. It's not me, though it will appear so.

I lost everyone's numbers, so kindly email me (do not comment) your number to begin the healing process.

I'm terribly upset because the thief was one of my helpers at home, and the theft occured while we were away. Trust is hard to come by, and I let the girl go two hours after we arrived from the US.

The only positive thing about this is that it gives me a great (and real) reason to finally get a new phone. While I'm not a cell phone addict like some people, I would like a small pretty one that has a bit of funky vibe to it, which means that at last I will commit myself to a postpaid plan (yes, all these many years, I have been a prepaid card user) to take advantage of the free phone that comes with it.


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