Friday, November 12, 2004

christmas in my country

Our Lady President has announced that the upcoming increase in the prices of petroleum products will the best the last one of the year. Water costs will also rise, however, in the next few weeks, joining the parade of increases in costs of taxi and public/mass transportation (MRT), food, cost of business, and practically everything else.

As they do every year, people are asking how just how they are expected to have a merry Christmas.

Secretary Bunye, speaking for the president, offered Hallmark greeting card words, saying that materials things were not the point of Christmas, but rather being with the people you love. Was it right for him to imply that the masses of the poor, working to have food on the table, a roof to live under and clothes to wear, are materialistic? Instead of telling people the truth and help manage their expectations, we are being led to believe that there is no crisis, that everything is fine.

We are enjoined to embrace our families this holiday season instead of asking questions that have no forthcoming answers or looking for a little extra for our noche buenas, lest we be perceived as materialistic.


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