Monday, December 06, 2004

thieves like them

And to punctuate our discussions about theft, last night while we took Sage out for our family weekend thing, Nikki's brand new cell phone got stolen, lifted out of her purse.

I called her number:

ME: Hello? Hello?

HIM: O, ano?

ME: Ah, nahulog ng misis ko yang cel niya.

HIM: Napulot ko nga.

ME: Salamat. Saan kita pwedeng na-meet para makuha yung cel?

HIM: Ewan.

After he hung up, he rendered himself and the phone unreachable by shutting it off or removing Nikki's SIM card. And that was that. All the more do I think that everyone should use that tracking service provided by some suppliers - with an SMS message you can locate the phone, if they haven't shut it down.

Both Nikki and myself have lost our phones to thieves in a very short span of time.

Be wary, all.


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