Monday, January 17, 2005

mucus (mem)brain

Gah. I hate being sick. And I especially loathe being sick while I'm busy. I think my system is just in shock at blur of things and projects and meetings and travels all over the place (but how cool is it to have a client who offers you use of a helicopter so you can take the shots you want of their mall in Baguio City?). Now, more than ever, I need to be able to pace myself and prioritize what needs to be done, putting all my multi-tasking skills to use. I also need to delegate and perhaps hire more people. I don't know, I'm just wary about expanding the company again.

My job as chief blah-blah requires me to be able to think quickly and on my feet, to give considered opinions and hold conversations on various matters with different people, sometimes over food, sometimes over cigarettes and beer, oftentimes in board rooms or meeting rooms with the suits or in t-shirts on the factory floor with chickens running around. My contribution is my capacity to think and to analyze, to make recommendations and to help implement them. So during circumstances when my head is not working at optimum levels because it is filled with snot, I am at a definite disadvantage (compounded even more if my medication makes me drowsy).

And my intellectual vanity really hates being unable to comprehend a question or offer an observation. A mind dulled and lined by mucus is a sad thing.

It has also affected my ability to write, as I find myself unable to recall certain words, or suddenly I question the spelling of a word I've used thousands of times previously. I cannot write beyond reportage, and any eloquence I have is forced and banal.

The good thing is (well, I hope) this illness will pass in a few days time and I'll be back to normal. I have too much to do and see through and I really don't need this aggravation. I need to converse strength for my trip to Binondo to meet a new client tomorrow (maybe I'll get some hot soup while I'm there).

And now, back to work, liquids, cigarettes and tissues.


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