Tuesday, January 11, 2005

small escapes

I've been feeling rather overwhelmed with the amount of work I have on my plate, with a new photo shoot I need to art direct in Novaliches added to the pile of things to do. I loathe having to leave the comfort of the Ortigas Center, but this week is determined to haul me around south and east. My biggest issue is the travel time because I'd rather be doing something than just sitting around, void of a cigarette. My mind is frazzled by the minutiae of the campaigns and placements I'm overseeing and I had to escape.

After formal office hours, I got home and asked Nikki if she was similarly swamped.

NIKKI: I am!

DEAN: Me too!

NIKKI: Sigh.

DEAN: Let's escape!

NIKKI: What?

DEAN: Let's play with the little girl for a couple of hours, then go singing and have early morning quail egg and snow shrimp dimsum!


DEAN: Yay!

And so we went on an unexpected Monday night date, just my wife and myself, taking the stage to vent out stress (where she was presumed to be a bold star and I some singer).

The lesson here: escapes are almost always best when performed with someone you love.

But of course, the next day it was back to the grind. That's how it is, buckaroo.


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