Thursday, February 10, 2005


In response to the new absurdly compressed timetables of ALL the projects I'm handling, I'm taking a few minutes just to escape from my brainbusting schedule (it helps that I'm at the office right now and not gallivanting around...yet) and think about the other things, apart from kith and kin and writing, that are keeping me intact.

First, there's Isle, the Friday night game I run for Nikki, Alex and Kate. The layers and intrigues of Agenda go up a notch as our intrepid trio (and friends) respond to the summons of The Bastard. Or so they think. Three brains against one, and I'm feeling good.

There's Wild Arms, my favorite Playstation game of all time (followed, in order, by Final Fantasy Tactics, Suikoden II, and Final Fantasy VII. Nikki and I unearthed the ancient discs are reliving the classic game, where Guardians and magic and quests are the rule. Its replay value is incredible, even after all these years. Just hearing the music makes me smile.

There's comics, of course (the above image is by no means an endorsement of the Keanu Reeves travesty - in fact, you'll see J.C. give the correct way to say his name, rhymes with "wine", according to his creator Alan Moore). I'm in the odd position where I have a lot of new comics and trade paperbacks that I haven't really read through because of time. But I can "guerilla read". New on my shelf: the new Bizarro World hardcover, Ex Machina, Runaways, Ultimate X-Men, a Gaiman book whose title I forgot, and I think around 7 or 8 more trades.

As for books, there are several of them as well. I'm drawing a blank trying to remember a title, but I do know there's a Lucius Shepard gem among them. I am flash-reading short stories, which my nicely thick anthologies provide.

There's the new Magic set, Betrayers of Kamigawa, the follow up to last year's Champions of Kamigawa. Nikki and I have drafted from 1AM to 3AM twice this week, using the boosters from the box I bought. The 1998 National Finalist (who led the Philippine Team at the World Championships in Seattle) trounced me the first night, sweeping me completely (as in I simpy, could not win), and had the gall to mock me by asking "Who's the best Alfar?". The next night though, the 1995 National Champion (yes, that old dog is me...has it been 10 years?) showed her the answer, by sweeping her completely. And since the overall score is 1-1, we need to settle the matter between us. We are competitive. We are Alfar.

And of course, porn. Ask Jolene for pictures and vid clips. Because, "the internet is for porn".

Work calls, so now back into the breach.


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