Saturday, February 12, 2005

health schmealth

I've decided to attempt to exercise and cut down on sugar, salt and fatty foods. the key word is "attempt". It's just ludicrous that the very same day that I planned to go to the gym, one of my business partners invited me to his new Chinese resto and I had to eat a ton of very good food (well, I didn't really have to, but what else am I supposed to do in that context? sit around and sip tea?). So here's the gratuitous plug: check out Chubby China over at Greenbelt 1. All Chinese cuisine cooks should be able to prepare 200 dishes, and they have a rather good one.

Later, feeling heavy, I get a text message from the trainer I asked to help me through my first few sessions at the gym informing me that he couldn't make it. I asked for help because I don't know my way around the gym and hurt my back the last time I lifted weights without guidance. I was pissed off because I shifted my weirdo schedule around to make time and didn't pan out.

So it's as if reality is saying "just don't". Which is not something I am particularly keen on heeding (though of course it is always tempting to let inertia overcome force of will).

A couple of days ago, my physical measurements reflected my need to lead a somewhat healthier lifestyle. I'm 5'11.5" tall and currently weight 180lbs. The normal weight range for a man my height is from 144lbs - 179lbs (while it can be argued by my lazy inner self that I'm technically 1 lb. overweight, I am still overweight and irked by my spare tire). My current Body Mass Index is 25.1 kg/m2. The normal BMI value is between 20 and 24.9 (again, I'm just a teensy bit over the prescribed range, but the evidence of my senses cannot be undermined). The Body Fat Index concurs: the normal fat index is from 17-23%; I'm at 23.8%. I'm just glad that my blood pressure is safely within normal range.

We'll see what happens next.


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