Monday, February 14, 2005

let the store be open tomorrow

If all works out, my store at Megamall should be open.

It's Valentine's evening and we're handling the ingress. And now they tell us we can't set up unless this and that is done - and of course I asked them much earlier for a complete set of requirements, but they forgot to mention a thing or three.


So if the fates permit, there should actually be a store tomorrow.

Drop by sometime: Petty Pets, Ground Floor, SM Megamall. We're near Sbarro's and the Julia Vargas entrance.

And we have cuties.

UPDATE (021505): Okay, so the store is open but we have a trillion new issues, such as faulty electricals and such. So for the next few days, we'll be working to get the store in shape. As long as we're open and doing business while we tweak the thing, I'm okay. But gadz, the hole this is burning in my pocket is not amusing at all. All part of being entrepreneur, true, but still...


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