Thursday, March 10, 2005

janay and work

I don't know if you're keeping tabs with American Idol, but my most reviled contestant is still there. I can only hope that she goes...tonight!

AI is one of my few diversions during this incredibly busy season. I am out of the office most of the time, doing shoots and stuff for a number of clients. See, the first quarter is Annual Report Season, which means that all of corporate clients are in a rush to get theirs out. We won all the bids we entered plus got an extra unexpected pair of Annual Report projects - which goes a long way towards explaining why I'm so busy.

For our retail clients, the first quarter is also rather toxic, workwise. New product cycles, releases and launches require new campaigns, websites and various collaterals like print ads, brochures and such.

I'm handling 10 concurrent projects, running around like a headless chicken, juggling my schedule and that of other people - suppliers, photographers, stylists, make-up artists, designers, talents, agents, webfolk, foodies, printers and more.

I just finished the first part of a shoot in Caloocan yesterday, but need to return tomorrow morning to conduct a sunrise shot. Yes, just one shot. Then on Sunday, for another client, I have a shoot with the intent of creating the illusion of Baguio. Then on Monday, for the big mall client, I'm shooting Henry Sy and his family with a lovely photographer - the first woman photog I've worked with. Sometime during next week, I need to fit in a product shoot and a lifestyle shoot.

So yes, I'm feeling a bit fatigued (I'm fighting what I think to be flu symptoms), which is why escapist things like American Idol serve to rejuvenate me. Especially when I am induced to feel so strongly about a particular contestant. Like Janay. Who simply has to go.

In a way I'll miss her when she's gone, because good TV is about building an imaginary relationship between viewer and the object of viewing. I love to abominate her. But really, she has to go.

You should see my face when she sings.

Go, Janay, go!


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