Monday, March 28, 2005

pirate booty

My hasty visit to Billy the Pirate (hasty because I dropped by in between running around booking yet another photo shoot in this seemingly endless cycle), netted a couple of old films I really liked plus a number of new ones I've yet to see - plus the stinkers that I picked up because, well, the packaging looked nice (believe me, it's hard to be discerning when confronted with hundreds of titles in a limited time frame).

Before my inevitable list of DVDs added to my small collection, I want to encourage everyone to watch The Motorcycle Diaries. Nikki and I enjoyed the film tremendously on a variety of levels. And knowing that I really do not review films, that's all you'll get from me (well, yes, I do review movies once in a blue moon, especially if they're abysmal, like, say, Daredevil).

Here's what I got:

Finding Neverland, directed by Marc Forster, 2004 - Maybe because I keep buying Sage anything Peter Pan-related, but actually because Nikki likes this guy. I liked him last in Tim Burton's Ed Wood (his presence in Pirates of the Caribbean was swamped by Keira Knightley, for me).

Cowboys & Angels, directed by David Gleeson, 2003 - I read about this somewhere.

The Last Emperor
, directed by Bernardo Bertolucci, 1987 - Apart from the fact that my favorite musician, Ryuichi Sakamoto (along with David Byrne and Cong Su) did the music, I loved John Lone's sunglasses.

Stand by Me
, directed by Rob Reiner, 1986 - I have memories of seeing this film way back when it first showed, which would place it roughly along the entire People's Power Revolution timeline. If it didn't, it should - it would make better fiction.

Imperium: Augustus, directed by Roger Young, 2003 - When Flim and I get together, chances are we'll segue into our old Roman repartee, with him doing his atrocious English-faux-Roman accent. This film choice (which is actually a TV miniseries or something) is for him. Ave.

Les Choristes (The Chorus), directed by Christophe Barratier, 2004 - Seems like an interesting pedagogical film, pedigreed, award-winning and French at that.

The Inheritance, directed by Per Fly, 2003

Being Julia, directed by István Szabó, 2004 - Annette Benning (geez, I've had a crush on her since Mike Nichol's Regarding Henry) was nominated for an Oscar for her role in this film.

Riding the Bullet, directed by Mick Garris, 2004 - Stephen King books that are made into movies are, with one or two exceptions, horrible. But this is one that I haven't seen. In fact, since this was Steve's experiment with web content, I haven't even read it. So I'm actually excited about seeing this - because, yes, I am a big fan - but not as big as Nikki, who, at a certain point in her life, would buy his grocery list.

Luster, directed by Everett Lewis, 2002


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