Friday, May 20, 2005

franchise temptations

I'm in a business mood again, having just returned to my office from Mini-stop.

There were tons of people along Emerald Avenue (now known as Francisco Ortigas Jr Street - as if we'd change our business cards), despite the heat, going in and out of the various restos.

I've made inquiries into getting a franchise of Mini-stop previously. I don't recall what made me balk (haha, maybe it was the cost), but I do know that my business partner is averse to outfits of this nature. What I do like about it is that there are always people buying stuff from Mini-stop, depending on the location.

Next door is Figaro, a coffee/resto. We've also made inquiries for a full scale resto but the cost is truly prohibitive, way above my small capacity as an investor. As for a cart set-up, well, the location becomes a problem and Figaro wants to own all the cart franchises.

I was actually set to plunk money down for King of Balls, that sago at gulaman franchise that I actually buy drinks from. The cost is small, but then I thought "why do I have to pay this guy when the concept is so obvious?".

It's too easy (assuming you have the money) to just get a franchise and hire people to run it for you. What's more appealing to me is to create a new business, working out the concept and process and logistics and marketing and everything. It's more challenging and rewarding that way (although if I could get a franchise of Jollibee for a fraction of its cost, I would jump at it).

Franchising. Such an odd thing for me to consider. A few years ago, it was not even part of my vocabulary, but now I field calls from people who want a franchise of my store, Petty Pets. The answer: We're not ready to offer franchises. There are still things I'd like to tweak.

So now I'm considering expanding the pet store in terms of locations, maybe towards the 4th quarter of this year.

Or put up a third business altogether, maybe for books or comics. We'll see.


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