Monday, May 23, 2005

monday's meme

Passed like a cold by Oliver.

Total number of films I own on DVD/video: More than I should, a mix of genuine discs and pirate booty - but much much less than true cineastes like my filmmaker friend Flim or true-blue collector Dave Drilon.

The last film I bought: Several, listed here. In terms of a movie ticket, the ill-fated Episode III, which, clearly, some people liked.

Films that I watch a lot or mean a lot to me: The kinds of films I like put a premium on storytelling, characterization, cinematography, editing. They inspire the creative in me. And I lean towards non-American films, mostly (sorry, no time for links, just look them up at the Internet Movie Database). My current Top 10:

Cinema Paradiso - Haunting and bittersweet, just as I like it. My favorite film of all time.

In the Mood for Love - Wong Karwai worked with mood, color and time to create a masterpiece.

Il Postino - Excellent pacing and character moments, heartbreakingly observed nuances.

Raise the Red Lantern - Textured and rich with the implications of desperation against a closed structure.

Y tu mama tambien - Wonderful coming of age roadtrip, great acting.

Battle Royale - Caught the initial screening in Hong Kong and was blown away by the entire attitude and nature of the film.

Spirited away - The best animated film I've seen, filled with details and magic.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - Again, I watched the original screening in Hong Kong and was engrossed by the storytelling - and the luminous Ziyi Zhang.

Amadeus - Masterfully directed, acted, paced and scored. I'd watch it again in a heartbeat.

The Last Emperor - Bertolucci helms an amazing film. Watch the Director's Cut.

To which 5 people am I passing the baton and why? To anyone who loves film.


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