Saturday, May 21, 2005


Nikki and I just walked out of the latest Star Wars movie, The Revenge of the Sith.

From the get-go, the dialogue was terribly written, the acting wooden and pacing bereft of magic.

We lasted thirty minutes or so, just after the agonizing scene with Padme and Anakin.

I am especially critical of the writing. No amount of eye candy can redeem something so poorly constructed. It's not just sad, it's offensive.

And please, I hope no one throws the "but it's made for kids" card. Children and younger audiences are just as worthy of good writing as adults, perhaps even more so. Other films that target children have been produced with excellent writing.

David Brin, way back during the Episode I debacle wrote:

"One of the problems with so-called light entertainment today is that somehow, amid all the gaudy special effects, people tend to lose track of simple things, like story and meaning."

So true. This one was just a waste of life.


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