Thursday, May 12, 2005


I just received the proof for Rabid Transit: Menagerie, edited by Christopher Barzak, Alan DeNiro and Kristin Livdahl of the Ratbastards. This chapbook, published by Velocity Press, will be launched and be made available in time for the Memorial Day Weekend at the WisCon in Madison, WI. One of my stories, Terminos, speculative fiction set in our country, is part of the antho.

I'm looking it over now and still can't believe my eyes. I have a few little typos to correct (that carried over from an earlier MS) but otherwise, it's really there.

Getting published is always a joyful occurence (no, I will not say "w00t w00t"), and to be in the company of fine writers does a lot towards validating my authorial ego (a little stroking of the ego, done judiciously and infrequently, is necessary to keep the beast happy).

Thanks again to Chris, Alan and Kristin - but most especially to my award-winning editor and power-behind-the-throne, Nikki.

Vin, this is for you.


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