Monday, May 23, 2005

revenge of the amoeba overlords

Turns out that it wasn't really the bad writing of Episode III that turned my stomach, but something I ate earlier, triggering the return of the guerillas in my intestinal track.

And now I'm paying for it, desperately rehydrating myself to replenish what my body expels. In combination with the heat, I'm seriously losing liquids.

This is the problem with amoebiasis. Once you have it, you deal with it from time to time. And it is always unpleasant, irksome and weakening. My brain is so slow and my eyelids heavy, and I'm always at the edge of something unwholesome.

So it's half-day at the office for me, cancelled meeting with clients because I dare not risk an unwanted scenario involving a pained but sheepish request to excuse myself from the meeting immediately, and lots and lots of liquids.

Gah. I just have to laugh at it all or go gaga.


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