Wednesday, June 29, 2005

bad boys III: assorted nastiness

Some oddities, this time, plus an old old favorite non-evil group.

curses, foiled again!
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Dick Dastardly is one of my favorite cartoon villains of all time. Everything about him, from the way he moves to the way he talks ("Drat! And double drat!") to his moustache - he's simply a fantastic character design.
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He commanded a trio of flyers (plus Muttley - another great character, with his mumbling side comments and snickers) to try and capture a carrier pigeon during World War I in "Stop The Pigeon" (as the show as known here in the Philippines).
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He also was the bad guy in "The Wacky Races", that delightful cartoon that had a lot of characters racing against each other in their unique vehicles - including Penelope Pitstop, Professor Pat Pending and the Slag Brothers. Later, Dick Dastardly would joined a band of other nasty folk to compete as The Really Rottens, in another show.

What did he want? He wanted to catch the pigeon. He wanted to win a race. Are these goals so bad? You have to credit him for unflagging determination.

the reflex gun!
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Desslok, the main villain of "Star Cruiser Yamato" (or "Starblazers" to some), is quite fascinating. He started as a yet another seemingly cut-from-the-same-cloth space conqueror villain, but later became an anti-hero and ultimately helped the good guys and redeemed himself.

He wanted what he thought was best but was able to change his mind. He is perhaps one of the most interesting early villains of anime - and is quite the wine lover.

the powerstar sword!
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The Overlord is the foe of John Blackstar, appearing in the shortlived (13 episodes) series. Blackstar held half of a sword, the Overlord held the other half. All he wanted was to put the two halves together and rule the world. And maybe change his attire.

But really, would you want to rule a world where some people fly because they have really big ears and live in trees? No, I would raze that world to a cinder, with the Powerstar Sword.

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Here by request is Mumra. Truthfully, I didn't follow the Thundercats series (seemed a little too...blah for me) and never got into "Give me sight beyond sight". However, having a reanimated mummy as a villain is just so cool.

I don't know what he wanted. Maybe a fresh fleshy body? New bandages? Colored contact lenses? Someone tell me.

food fight
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The Peculiar Purple Pieman of Porcupine Peak is here because unlike the other villains featured in this and the previous posts, his issues are purely gastronomic. Yes, he picks fights with kids over food, but in the context of "Belly Talk" he is the most surreal villain of the group. Not that I ever watched an episode of Strawberry Shortcake (needed to defend my machismo for a while there LOL), being more familiar with Strawberry Switchblade ("Let Her Go").

And now for a bonus. Here's a non-villain group whose reruns I loved to watch as a kid. Sadly, I can't remember if they had any archfoe - but hell, they're cool anyway.

the super 6
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Do you remember these heroes for hire? A concept way ahead of its time (1966-1969).

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Remember Super Bwoing?

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How about Magnetoman and Cal?


Oh, well.


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