Sunday, June 26, 2005


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The pathetic cable service I'm forced to subscribe to does not show Lost, so I've been missing out on this great show. I was able to catch part of the pilot last year while we were in the States (but I chose America's Next Top Model to watch instead, because, well...) and hoped it would be aired here. AXN did and does, but I don't have AXN so hurray for me.

So when El told me that the pirates already had the whole Lost Season One available, I called up Pirate Billy and reserved a copy. Nikki and I went over and picked up the nifty boxed set (these pirates are getting a little more creative), as well as Season Four of Alias, two seasons of The Office, and a couple of other films for Sage. We decided not to get the season of Desperate Housewives so we can actually watch it on Thursday nights.

Anyway, Nikki and I engaged in a Lost marathon and watch all 24 episodes plus the special until our eyes bled and we collapsed into dreamless sleep. Let me tell you, towards the end, my sleep deprived brain was playing tricks on me, and I was zoning in and out of the three-part finale. Marathon = not a good idea, unless you are ready, built up your stamina, and do not have to worry about being discovered half-dead by your little daughter.

I enjoyed this show quite a bit, on multiple levels. It does have its flaws (flashbacks with Michael and the boy who 'summons' the bear) but on the whole it is very entertaining. My favorite characters are the ones that are written and acted well - Locke, Kate and the Korean couple, Jin and Sun. My wife, of course, likes bad boy Sawyer ;)


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