Thursday, June 30, 2005

scent of a rabbit

I need help.

One of the most challenging things about having a pet store is creating and maintaining a clean and hygienic environment for all the animals. For the most part, I've got this aspect of business covered, with numerous changes of sawdust, newspapers, beddings, wiping and cleaning with mild soap and water, etc. The displays are well-ventilated (I made sure of that when I had the store and its fixtures designed, because the circulation of air is very important).

The problem is with the rabbits. These guys urinate with abandon, leaving behind a rather remarkably unattractive scent - even after we've hosed down their cages/displays, the smell lingers. As I've mentioned, we've been using mild soap and water to disinfect. I dare not use disinfectants like Zonrox or similar because I think it may be bad for the bunnies. Now that my olfactory nerves are at the breaking point, I'm open to rethinking the approach - for as long as the rabbits are unharmed. By evening, at the mall, there is an unwelcome smell that I'm afraid the customers will notice (it's not strong, but I want to deal with it).

So, does anyone know if it's okay to use disinfectant chemical mixtures like Zonrox? Or can anyone suggest maybe an organic solution?


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