Tuesday, August 16, 2005

IX. Dénouement (8)

With the gift of gold given to her by the amused Andreia Carmen Jimenez ei Rojillo, Rosang Taba did three things: she purchased her family’s freedom, visited a mountain that figured prominently in her dreams, and married a man who could not drown in the irrepressible bounty of her heart. She had thirteen children, numerous grandchildren, and died surrounded by her massive family when she was ninety-four, continuing to add to the girth of her insatiable body and spirit. She never raced again.

Ser Jaime Alonzo Pietrado ei Villareal left on the next outward bound galleon and vanished quietly into the sea.


(8) Rowena Angela Go “Rosang Taba: A Race of Race, A Critical Reading,” in Jacinta Reyes-Jamlang, ed., Hinirang: Beyond the Margins of Race and Gender ( Silliman University Press, 1842)


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